Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Getting HOT in Here! HEAT Activities!!

So, I'll be the first to admit that science is just not my subject....I think I'm fairly decent at teaching it, but I just don't love it.  Fortunately, I think I'm pretty good at tricking my kids into thinking otherwise by acting so excited about all the "neat" things we learn about.  One of our units we do each year is heat--fun! fun! :)

If you haven't noticed already, I am ALL about flipbooks and foldables!  I LOVE them!  It allows the kiddos to take notes without the torture of....well, just taking notes.  It's amazing that you can just fold/cut paper different ways and add a few pictures and note taking becomes fun!

There are 2 main concepts we cover when discussing heat:
1. What are the different ways heat can be produced?
2. How does heat move?

Heat Production:
For heat production, we created the foldable below.  These are perfect little organizers to add to science notebooks, or just keep on hand for review.

This is the front of the foldable:
It covers friction, electricity, mixing matter (chemical change), and burning
We put the way and a picture on each. 

Under each flap- on the top, we wrote the definition or description
On the bottom- we wrote 2-3 examples

On the back we wrote & answered 3 Essential Questions: 
1. What is heat?
2. What is thermal energy? 
3. What are the 4 ways to produce heat? 
Heat Movement:
Below is the foldable that we made to cover the movement of heat.  It talks about radiation, conduction & convection.

Front- you could definitely dress it up more! :)

Inside: We included the definition/description for each on the flaps & then on the inside drew pictures that showed examples of each. 

Hope you find these useful!  For more heat resources, check out my TPT store

I also have a Heat Unit Test and a study guide you can check out as well!