Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nonfiction Text Structure

So, my class has been working on nonfiction text structure for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I started my unit off by reviewing genres--nonfiction specifically, and nonfiction text features. I then talked about how author's also use different text structures when writing.  I introduced the following text structures, and we completed the anchor chart below:

We also discussed compare/contrast, but created a page just for that one....partly because I think that one is particularly important and requires slightly more discussion/practice, and partly because I ran out of room on the first chart. :)  I got this idea from

After introducing all the different text structures, we then spent the next two weeks looking at each individual text structure and doing some practice with them.  Now, we're back to reviewing them altogether. I also bought some wonderful task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View--love her stuff!  We took one of the text cards, which has 3 different passages all on the same topic, and questions.  Together, we read each passage and determined which text structure was used, and gave evidence to support our choices.  Then, we answered the questions included.  See below. 

The following day, I let them get in groups to do the same thing.  Initially I made a list of the groups I was going to put them in, but then as we were getting ready to start, I decided to change things up!  I wanted them to be truly engaged and for this to be a meaningful activity.  I went over the different topics they were going to choose from, and then called them out one at a time to see who wanted to do what.  It worked out perfectly where they all ended up in groups of 2-3.  Here they are working away!

We worked for about 35 minutes today, and are hoping to finish up tomorrow! 

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