Thursday, June 18, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week One: Makeover Madness!!!

One of my goals this summer included putting some major work into my TpT store and my blog.  I gave myself some down time for the first week or two of summer break, and then decided it was time to get some work done!  A few fellow TpT Sellers started something called the TpT Seller Challenge, which turned out to be just the motivation I needed to get started.  This challenge will last four weeks, with each week containing a different challenge for sellers.  The Week 1 Challenge is "Makeover Madness."  The goal is to make over something in your old product, a product cover, etc. There are several products I'd like to overhaul, but I spent a lot of my time instead revamping my store "button," my store banner, working on my Facebook page, and revamping my blog.  I think in the fall I am going to bite the bullet and hire a blog designer, but I wanted to make my blog look as decent as possible until then.  I even updated the few pages that I put at the end of each of my products with thank yous/links, credits, etc.

Here are some of my befores and afters! :)

Store Button: 

Facebook Banner: 

End of My Pack Pages:
I'm off to a pretty good start!  Now, I'm trying to go back through my 200+ products to change these back pages!  Yay! :) #tptsellerchallenge


  1. First of all, your picture is not boring. :) However, I love your new button and Facebook cover. I especially like how the bright lettering stands out on the black background. It really pops! I would love to get a blog design too, but I might wait until my store is actually earning me enough to afford it!

    1. Thanks so much! :) I'm also waiting to see if I get consistent with blogging too before I invest as well! :)

  2. I love your button! So cute! How did you do the FB banners? That's what I need to do for mine. I don't use FB at all, but I would like to.

  3. Thanks! I just used power point. I am not a master at it, so a lot of it was trial and error with the sizing. I would make one, save it as a picture, check it, and re-size if needed. :)