Saturday, February 2, 2013

Word Work: Fascinating Word

Trying to find different activities to use during our word work time has been challenging.  Since I teach third grade, I want my students to do more during this time than the typical phonics/spelling activities.  While my students still work on these skills, I wanted to find other ways to push them even further.  I decided to include some language arts and vocabulary into this time as well. 

One of the activities I had my students do is a little "My Fascinating Word" foldable.  They were supposed to try to find a fascinating word in whatever book they were reading during their independent reading time. Each page had a task to complete:
1-they had to write the book title where they found it & write the sentence it was used in.
2-write their actual word
3-write the definition of the word
4- write 3 synonyms for the word

This required them to notice some of the interesting vocabulary in their books, practice using the dictionary, and using the thesaurus. As simple as it is, they actually had a lot of fun with it!

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